Twenty Minutes of Wind-Blown Transition

If you want or need to get a break away from it all, you could do worse than head off to Bald Head Island in North Carolina.

The island is off the coast of North Carolina and is something of a peace lovers haven. First of all, you have to get there by ferry. Cross from Southport on the mainland, from where a ferry leaves every hour.

By the time you arrive at the island, twenty sea minutes later, the wind has blown away your cares and you’re ready to do some serious relaxing.

North Carolina coast rentals

Not a car to be seen

The first thing you’ll notice is that visitors and locals alike eschew the motor vehicle. The fastest thing on four wheels is a golf cart. No car fumes, no engines and no idiots who can’t take their hand off the horn.

Somewhere to stay

There are plenty of North Carolina coast rentals and you can pretty much get something that will match your needs, though you might need to think about booking in advance from some of the high times or one of the many town festivals.

Something to eat

It doesn’t matter what your poison is, you’ll find it. If your idea is to grab a bike and have a picnic at the far end of the world, no worries. If you want fine waterside dining on the freshest of fresh fish you got it. The atmosphere might be laid back, but it is still special.

Something to do

This is America so there’s plenty of golf and fishing. But if you want something different the island has turtles and arranges sunset walks so you can see them. But remember that’s seasonal.

Bald Head Island is a place to recharge your batteries and relax.