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Sarasota For More Than Beaches

When people who don’t live there think of Sarasota, Florida, they tend to think about sunshine, beaches, playing golf, and maybe checking out the alligators. Here’s a secret, the locals think about similar things, except perhaps maybe no checking out the alligators.

villas to rent Sarasota

Located on the Gulf of Mexico about halfway up the Florida peninsula Sarasota offers a haven for the winter visitor and lovely place to live for the all-year-round resident.

When you’re looking for villas to rent Sarasota you have everything to choose from. Look for ones which are close to Siesta Key, which locals will tell you is the best beach in America. You will have to visit for yourself to see if you agree.

Sarasota is not just for the beach lover

Of course, there is a beach, but Sarasota has something for everyone. There are golf courses which will cater to all levels of player and enough of them that you can get a tee time at whatever time of the day works for you.

But in addition, the town has pulled together a vibrant cultural life. At one time Sarasota was the home of the Ringling Brother’s Circus and maybe as a small thank you to the place that housed it, the family founded the Ringling Art Museum. The collection includes a share of old masters but is also bang up to date with contemporary works too.

The Botanical Gardens provide a welcome change for those who are ‘beached-out’. Given the location, you will not be surprised to know that it specializes in bromeliads which you might be more familiar with as Orchids. It is a must for anyone who has a passion for them.

Sarasota offers a cool break from the heat of Florida and yet the delights of the Gulf too.