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How to Learn the Value of Your Jewelry

Speculating on the value of your jewelry is always fun and a great conversation starter. But, when money is actually on the line along with your jewelry pieces, this is not a game that you want to play. You can learn the value of your jewelry if you plan to sell it and get the most money when the piece is gone. You can also learn the value of your jewelry to satisfy your own needs. But how do you learn how much jewelry pieces are worth?  Using the services provided by a jewelry appraiser is the best way to learn this information firsthand.

how do I get something appraised

Now you ask, how do I get something appraised?  It is fairly easy, even for first timers. The most difficult part is finding an actual appraiser. The choices are not limited, but you want someone who is trustworthy and not simply out to make another dollar. Many appraisers will buy your jewelry if you want to sell it to them and they like the piece, so it is even more important that you find a trustworthy name. Ask around because friends often provide great information. Use the internet to look for reviews to find out a jewelry appraiser that is honest and trustworthy.

Once you find a jeweler, you should schedule an appointment for a jewelry appraisal. It is a very quick service that will only take a few minutes of your time. However, this is not the loan service that most dealers offer so they prefer that you make an appointment. Most jewelers offer the service at no cost. However, check with the jeweler ahead of time to make sure because some companies do charge fees to tell you the value of your jewelry. It is a small amount if there is a fee, and it’s worth it since you will get the maximum value for your jewelry.